Welcome to the Moer Sourcing Affiliate Program!

Welcome to Moer Sourcing’s Affiliate Program! If you know people or businesses interested in getting products from China, our Affiliate Program lets you earn money by helping them. Join our program and start earning today.


How It Works?


1. Make Introductions: If you know someone who needs stuff from China, tell them about Moer Sourcing. Share their details with us.

2. We Do the Work:  Once you introduce them to us, we take it from there. We handle everything – finding the right products, managing the process, and getting the products to them. 

3. You Get Paid:  When your contact buys from us and pays, you earn money! You get a commission based on what they purchase.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?


  • Easy Earnings: You make money just by connecting people with us. 
  • We’re Pros: We know China sourcing inside out, so your contacts are in good hands
  • Join a Team: Our program is growing fast, and lots of people are making money. You can too!
  • Collaborate with Moer Sourcing to offer quality procurement services to clients.
  • Grow with us and establish a long-term partnership.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us at partners@moersourcing.com to learn more and be part of our affiliate team. It’s an easy way to help people while making some extra cash.

For any inquiries, please contact our customer support team at info@moersourcing.com 


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