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Beyond Sourcing:
Finding Just What You Need, Just the Way You Want it!

Sourcing & Purchasing Plans

We have three plans. Pick our Free Plan to start sourcing with no fees, and move to the 5% Pro Plan for full support on your orders. For those familiar with the China market, our 3% Self-Order Plan offers just what you need: free storage for your goods, collection of your orders, and organized shipping. Simple, efficient, and tailored for the experienced buyer.

Free Plan

0 $
  • Consulting
  • Product Sourcing
  • Create Cost and Production Plan

Pro Plan

All free plans plus:
  • Follow up on orders
  • General quality inspection
  • Free warehousing
  • Package & Label customization
  • Shipping arrangement

Self-order Plan

(who order goods by themselves)
  • free warehouse
  • goods collection
  • shipping arrangement

Free Plan

Start Sourcing with Zero Cost. No fees, just sourcing

Consultation: Ask us anything about importing from China. We’re here to guide you every step of the way—from your first question to your first shipment.

Product Sourcing: Searching for goods in China? Let us find you the perfect match. We navigate through numerous options to connect you with the best suppliers.

Planning Made Easy: Not sure about the costs? We’ll craft a clear cost and production plan for you, so there are no surprises.

Professional Plan

Upgrade to Expert-Level Sourcing. With our Pro Plan, we stay on top of your orders, ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Quality Assurance: Once the samples are approved, and the order is placed, we ensure to keep track of your orders and maintain regular communication with your suppliers. We understand that efficient order follow-up is crucial during all processes, and poor communication with suppliers or lack of quality control during mass production can result in significant losses. Therefore, we devote considerable attention and time to this aspect of our service, overseeing the manufacturing process to ensure that the final product meets your expectations, matches the approved sample, and meets all quality standards.

Storage Solutions:  We provide free warehousing services. Furthermore, we assist in collecting all the goods you order from various suppliers and consolidate them into a single shipment or container to save on shipping costs.

Custom Labels: Our packaging and labeling options are fully customizable to meet your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, we offer design services to help you create unique packaging and labels.

Effortless Shipping:  Our team can consolidate your orders from multiple suppliers into a single shipment, making the entire process more streamlined and cost-effective. We also help you select the most suitable and cost-effective shipping method to your desired destination address.

Self-order Plan

For those familiar with the Chinese market, this Plan offers the support you need at just a 3% service fee. With this plan, you take charge of your ordering, while we back you up.

Free Warehousing: Secure storage for your goods without the extra cost.

Goods Collection: We gather all your goods from different suppliers, saving you the hassle.

Shipping Arrangement: Once your products are ready, we’ll organize the shipping, ensuring your goods arrive at their destination efficiently and affordably.

Note: This plan is especially for those who prefer personal control over sourcing but still require a helping hand with the logistics of warehousing and shipping.

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