Top 12 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in the USA

Glass bottle manufacturers produce containers whose main components are silica sand, soda ash, and limestone, widely used for packaging various products. Glass bottles are preferred because of their sustainability, safety, and durability.

The USA provides various sizes and shapes of glass bottles that can be used in multiple industries like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. The glass bottle market in the USA has increased by 3% -4 % in the year.

The demand for glass bottles is increasing daily, so their cost continues to rise by 1% to 2%. This article will explore some of the top glass bottle manufacturers in the USA.

Let’s get into it.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in the USA – Top Picks

1. Gallo Glass Company

1. gallo glass company

  • Location: Modesto, California, United States
  • Year Founded: 1958
  • Main Products: Glass Bottles
  • Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing Company

Gallo Glass was founded in 1958 and is an innovative glass manufacturer committed to minimizing the lousy impact of glass on the environment. They provide the best delivery and a standard quality service.

Gallo Glass provides various wine and spirits designs, from simple to advanced and complex glasses. Their glass containers have the following specialties:

  • Glass is made up of all-natural materials to reduce its environmental impact.
  • Gallo Glass is ISO 14001 and 22000 certified because it provides a healthy and safe workplace that manufactures high-quality products.
  • The products are made of 50% recycled glass, saving natural environmental components and reducing the amount of CO2 in the environment.
  • Gallo Glass products are lightweight and sustainable.

The company provides customers with custom design, engineering, labeling, decorating, and logistics services. Gallo Glass holds the distinction of being the first industrial application of Oxy-fuel technology in container glass production. By using this technology, they have successfully reduced the NOx emission by 80%.


2. Kaufman Containers

2. kaufman containers

  •  Location: Cleveland, OH, United States
  •  Year Founded: 1910
  •  Main products: Glass bottles
  •  Other Products: Plastic and Metal Containers
  •  Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

Kaufman Containers was founded in 1910 and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of glass products. Since 1910, they have been connected with different suppliers to provide innovative and quality packaging solutions at competitive prices.

They provide stock, custom packaging, and a wide range of products, including glass, plastic, metal containers, dispensing pumps, sprayers, etc. Kaufman is committed to innovation and sustainability. Their glass products are 100% recyclable. The quality of their products does not spoil during the recycling process.

They also provide decoration and warehousing services to their customers. The decoration services include screen printing, hot stamping, heat shrink labeling, and sleeve and pressure-sensitive labeling. They have about 200 employees.


3. MJS Packaging

3. MJS Packaging

  • Location: Livonia, MI, United States
  • Year founded: 1885
  • Main Products: Glass Products
  • Other Products: Plastic and Metal Products
  • Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

MJS Packaging was founded in 1885 and specializes in custom packaging, complete packaging, plastic containers, closures, caps, etc.

They manufacture a wide range of glass products, including bottles, jars, jugs, vials, tubes, and pails. The products they supply are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

MJS Packaging offers decoration services for glass bottles and containers, including labeling, shrinking sleeves, printing, and soft touching. MJS Packaging never compromises on quality. They use highly advanced equipment and technologies to provide the best quality glass bottles.

MJS Packaging has extra glass bottle preparation services, including cleaning bottles from microscopic particles and fluorination to reduce evaporation and sterilization.


4. The Cary Company

4. The cary company

  • Location: Addison, IL, US
  • Year Founded: 1895
  • Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing
  • Main Products: Glass Products
  • Other Products: Plastic jars, drums, and drums, etc.

The Cary Company was established in 1895 by George B. Cary and initially operated as a Linseed Cake and Meal exporter in Chicago. Later, it became a great manufacturing company by his son and grandson.

The Cary Company specializes in containers and packaging, and they serve their services to many industries like food, beverages, environmental services, beauty, construction, and many more. They provide containers and warehouses at very reasonable prices and offer custom design services.

The Cary company is committed to sustainability and innovation. The company also offers fluorination barrier treatment of their glass and plastic products to provide them with the best quality. Having 125 years of experience, The Cary Company established itself as the best business partner. Their bottles are child-resistant and are challenging for children to open them.


5. Burch Bottle and Packaging

5. Burch bottle packaging

  • Location: Queensbury
  • Year Founded: 1978
  • Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing
  • Main Products: Glass Products
  • Other Products: Plastic and Metal Products

Burch Bottle Packaging company was founded in 1978 and has been offering its services for 40 years. Their commitment to excellence ensures that their packaging meets the highest standards, catering to various industries and applications. Burch Bottle offers multiple products, including glass bottles, jars, jugs, and containers. They also provide different plastic and metal products.

Burch Bottle provides services for many industries, such as food, beverages, beauty, and households. Their products are available in various sizes and shapes, including elegant hexagonal containers, practical spice jars, honey jars, and many more at unbeatable prices.

They have a 50000 square foot facility and have about 50 employees. Burch Bottles’ mission is to provide the best quality and customized products with fast delivery service.



6. Saver Glass

6. saverglass

  • Location: Louisville, United States
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Company Type: Glass Bottles Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products: Glass Products
  • Other Products: Decorated bottles, Wine and Spirit Bottles

Saver Glass Company was founded in 1995. The company invested $120 million in decoration and production, and it is the world’s leading company in glass manufacturing. Saverglass has opened many multi-service providing warehouses in America to fulfill the customers’ demands regarding glass.

Saverglass has a wide variety of glass with innovative shapes and sizes. The size of their bottles ranges from 50 ml to 60 L. They provide many services, including labeling, decorating, and delivery of products.

The bottles are available in unique colors, including pure white, blue, green, and many more. Amongst them, the white is more stylish and decent. They customize bottles according to the requirements of the customers.

Saverglass’s mission is to make sustainable products and make itself capable of adapting the best techniques to changes in the environment. They have 3900 hard-working employees.


7. Arkansas Glass Container Corporation

7. Arkansas Containers

  • Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States
  • Year Founded: 1948
  • Company Type: Glass Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products: Glass Products
  • Other Products: jugs, jars, and different containers

Arkansas Glass Container Corporation was founded in 1948 as McSwain Glass Company by Carl McSwain, and in 1956, its ownership was changed to J.t. white, a local businessman. Then, the white and the other stockholders changed its name to Arkansas Glass Container Corporation. And now, it is the world’s leading glass company.

They provide different glass products in various capacities, diameters, finishes, and heights. They provide excellent packaging services for many industries, such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Arkansas Glass Company produces unique and environment-friendly products.

Their glass containers range from 8 ounces to  1 gallon with different shapes and finishes. They also offer a family of patent-designed containers called Stout, used for sauce, beverages, or dressings. They have 350 workers.


8. O-I Company

8. O_I company

  • Location: Perrysburg, Ohio, United States
  • Company Type: Glass Manufacturing Company
  • Main products: Glass Products
  • Other Products: Glass jugs, jars and containers

O-I stands for Owens Illinois, the world’s leading glass manufacturing company with over 35 plants in 9 countries. They produce alcoholic and non-alcoholic glass bottles, jars, jugs, etc. They provide their products for many industries, such as food, beverages, beer, wine, etc.

O-I Glass is committed to innovation and sustainability. Their glass bottles are made of 100% of natural ingredients. The glass manufacturing ingredients are mixed with the cullet(recycled glass) to provide O_I  standard quality. The manufactured glass containers then pass through a series of inspections.

O-I Glass is 100% recyclable. Their quality does not spoil when they go through the recycling process. About 80% of the new glass bottles are made up of old recycled glass. Recycling glass bottles increases the growth of the economy.

Their glass bottles are beautiful and beneficial for health and the environment. O-I has 1000+ employees.



9. Glassnow company

9. Glassnow Company

  • Location: Manor, Texas, United States
  • Year Founded: 1993
  • Main Products: Glass Products
  • Company Type: Packaging and Container Manufacturing Company
  • Other Products: Painted glass, Glass candle packaging

Glassnow was founded in 1993 and manufactures and distributes glass containers and custom glass products. They provide various glass bottles and containers at very affordable prices.

They are dedicated to sustainability. Glassnow produces environmentally friendly products to reduce pollution by using recycled glass. Their glass products are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They also provide customized glass bottles at reasonable prices.

Glass now provides its products and services to the following industries: home fragrance, food, beverages, spirits, candles, cosmetics, and closures. They have about 50 employees. They have colored glass containers and round shapes with capacities between 2.5oz- 26oz.


10. Pipeline Packaging

10. Pipeline Packaging

  • Location: United States
  • Year Founded:1988 
  • Company Type: Product Distributor
  • Main Products: Glass Products
  • Other Products: Agriculture, Automotive, Household chemicals etc

Pipeline Packaging, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, stands as the foremost industrial container distributor in the United States, with roots dating back to its establishment in 1988 by Cleveland Steel Container Corporation.

The name “Pipeline” itself reflects their mission, as they see their role as channeling resources and information from inconvenient locations to places where they can be readily utilized.

As a leading packaging distributor, Pipeline Packaging aims to enhance its customers’ access to essential, value-added Core Services alongside top-notch industrial and commercial packaging solutions. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and on-time product delivery is at the core of their quality objectives.

They are dedicated to providing products and services that not only meet but exceed customer specifications, and regulatory requirements, and support the unique needs of their clients.

Pipeline Packaging places great emphasis on integrity, quality, leadership, and efficiency in all aspects of its operations, reflecting its dedication to excellence and continual process improvement.


11. SKS Bottle and Packaging

11. SKS Bottle and Packaging

  • Location: Saratoga Springs, NY 
  • Year Founded: 1986 
  • Company Type:  Wholesale distributor of glass and plastic bottles
  • Main Products: Glass Products

Founded in 1986 by Paul and Barbara Horan, SKS Bottle & Packaging Inc. has emerged as a prominent player in the world of glass bottles and packaging solutions. The company’s name, inspired by the initials of their three sons, reflects the family-oriented spirit that has driven SKS from its humble beginnings as a garage-based home operation.

Initially focusing on wholesale distribution of glass and plastic bottles and closures, SKS rapidly expanded its product offerings to include glass jars, plastic jars, metal cans, tins, and more. Customer satisfaction, timely deliveries, and a commitment to quality have been at the heart of SKS’s mission from the very start.

Throughout its history, SKS has embraced innovation and growth. The company transitioned to e-commerce early on, leveraging technology to enhance customer reach and streamline operations.


12. Feldman Industries

12. feldman packaging

  • Location: Guilford, Connecticut
  • Year Founded: 1895
  • Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing
  • Main Products: Glass Products
  • Other Products: Plastic and Metal Containers

Feldman Company was founded in 1895 as Feldman Glass Co., which specialized in glass bottles, and then they moved toward the distribution of glass containers and metal closures. This company was founded in Morris Feldman.

Feldman Industries produces and sells glass bottles to various industries, such as food, beverages, chemicals, and cosmetics. Their products include glass containers, pails, drums, and closures in the US.

They provide their customers with the best services and packaging expertise and minimize the environmental impact. They also expanded their product line with hand sanitizer bottles and closures.



1. Why are glass bottles better?

Glass bottles are better than other bottles because they are made of natural resources. Glass can be recycled without losing quality and does not have harmful chemicals that will interact with the content in them. Also, they have high durability. That is why glass bottles are better.

2. How many glass bottles are manufactured each year?

In 2020, about 690 billion bottles were made. In 2021, 83.3 billion glass bottles were produced.

3. How much glass is recycled in the USA?

According to the EPA, the glass recycling percentage is 31%. American landfills each year have 7.6 million of glass.

4. How much glass does the US produce?

In 2018, the United States produced approximately 12.3 million tons of glass, which accounted for roughly 4.2 percent of all municipal solid waste(MSW) generation in the country.


Wrapping Up

This article delves into different glass bottle manufacturing industries in the United States. We have discussed the history, quality, and missions of every sector. We have provided the leading glass manufacturers in the United States and how they differentiate from their rivals.

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