Importing from china

Can you efficient sourcing products from China?

Do you know how to verify your suppliers are legitimate business and not an agent posing as a factory?

Do you know how to ensure product quality?

Do you know how to negotiate a better price from chinese supplier?

Do you know how to avoid mistakes / scams when sourcing from China?

Tell us what products you need, and we offer one-stop supply.

Sourcing · Sampling · Inspection · Consolidation & Shipping

Moer Sourcing is an Expert in Helping You to Source Products from China.

Moer Sourcing is a leading and trusted sourcing company in Zhejiang, China. We were established in May 2010 in Yiwu. We started by sourcing promotional products for our clients at the beginning of Moer Sourcing establishment, and have grown to a team with 30 people now.

Our aim is to help you developing your business and to overcome challenges of working across different cultures, different languages and different time zones. We make your sourcing easier by handling everything for you. Whatever you’re looking for, our experienced staff will help. No matter Products Sourcing, Prices Negotiating, Goods Inspecting, and delivering to wherever you want.

What Does MoerSourcing Do?

Why Yiwu Market?

What people are saying about Yiwu Market?

"Go to Yiwu Market buy everything" - Yiwu City is a great city for business because there are the world’s largest small commodity trade market. This market is very very large and lots of foreigners live there for international trade.

"It's a massive market" - With over 70,000 shops to buy almost everything you need from kitchenware, stationary, toys, accessories, socks, cosmetics, just name it.

"WOW – completely out of this world – no words can explain how big this place is"

"The world’s largest exhibition of goods" - Almost anything you can possibly want or imagine is offered here. There’s nothing else to say. Better prices and minimums than any other trade city.

"Must visit when you go to China" - It’s strictly for those wanting to start or already in business of wholesale and retail. You get everything thing.

Advantages of Sourcing in Yiwu

World's Largest Wholesale Market

China's Biggest Commodities Centre.

One-stop Sourcing of 430,000+ Commodities

Distance-free Contact with 100,000+ Suppliers

350 Days & Day-long Exhibition

All Factory Price in Yiwu Market

Small Quantities Available

200+ Different Items be Mixed in One Container Available

Convenient Transportation to Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou & HongKong.

Product Categories

Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

Toys, Fun & Novelty

Arts & Crafts

Christmas Decoration

Shoes, Bags & Sunglasses

Home Appliance


Umbrellas & Luggage

Pet Supplies

Tools & Home Improvement

Beauty & Personal

Office Products

Sport & Outdoor

General Merchandise

Garment & Textile

Car Accessories


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