Amazon Fulfillment Center & Warehouse Locations [ 2023 Guide]

One of the key factors contributing to Amazon’s success is Amazon Fulfillment Center system.Amazon, the e-commerce giant founded by Jeff Bezos, has revolutionized the way people shop online.

In this article, we will explore what Amazon Fulfillment Centers are, their role in the e-commerce ecosystem, their global locations, and the impact they have on the industry.

What is an Amazon Fulfillment Center?

Amazon Fulfillment CenterAn Amazon Fulfillment Center is a massive warehouse facility where the company stores its inventory.

These centers are strategically located across the world to ensure timely and efficient delivery of products to customers.

Each fulfillment center is equipped with advanced technology and automated systems to handle and process a vast number of orders.

The Role of Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Order Fulfillment Process

At an Amazon Fulfillment Center, the order fulfillment process begins when a customer places an order on the website.

The center receives the order details, and the items are picked, packed, and labeled for shipping. The packages are then handed over to shipping carriers for delivery to the customers’ doorsteps.

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial for Amazon’s success. Fulfillment centers keep track of the inventory levels, ensuring that popular items are readily available to meet customer demands.

This helps in reducing shipping times and ensures a seamless shopping experience.

Shipping and Delivery

Amazon Fulfillment Centers are strategically placed near major transportation hubs, allowing for faster shipping and delivery.

The company utilizes a sophisticated network of carriers to ensure timely and reliable delivery of packages, especially for Prime members who enjoy the benefits of fast shipping.

Advantages of Using Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Advantages of Using Amazon Fulfillment CentersFaster Shipping

Amazon’s vast network of fulfillment centers enables the company to offer fast shipping options to customers. This is especially crucial in today’s fast-paced world, where customers expect their orders to arrive as quickly as possible.

Prime Eligibility

Being a Prime member comes with many perks, and one of the most significant is the eligibility for two-day or even same-day delivery on eligible items.

This is made possible by Amazon Fulfillment Centers, which store popular products close to customers, ensuring speedy deliveries.

Customer Service

With efficient order fulfillment, Amazon can provide top-notch customer service.

Customers can track their orders, get real-time updates, and contact customer support easily, making the shopping experience more pleasant and hassle-free.

Amazon Warehouse Locations Across the World

How Amazon Chooses Warehouse Locations

Amazon Fulfillment Centers are not limited to one region but can be found across the globe. Here are some of the key locations:

North America’s Amazon Warehouse Locations

  • United States: With fulfillment centers in states like California, Texas, Florida, and New York, Amazon covers a vast customer base in the US.
  • Canada: Major cities in Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver, host Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

Europe’s Amazon Warehouse Locations

  • United Kingdom: Cities like Manchester, London, and Birmingham house some of Amazon’s largest European fulfillment centers.
  • Germany: Amazon has a strong presence in Germany, with centers in cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt.
  • France: French customers benefit from fulfillment centers located in cities such as Paris and Lyon.

Asia’s Amazon Warehouse Locations

  • China: As one of the world’s largest markets, Amazon has multiple fulfillment centers in China, serving its massive customer base.
  • India: Major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi are home to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in India.

Australia’s Amazon Warehouse Locations

  • Australia: Amazon’s presence in Australia is supported by Amazon fulfillment centers in Sydney and Melbourne.

South America’s Amazon Warehouse Locations

  • Brazil: As a growing market, Amazon has established fulfillment centers in Sao Paulo and other key cities.

How To Find Amazon Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers Near You

How To Find Amazon Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers Near YouAmazon’s fulfillment centers are massive warehouses equipped with advanced technology to handle and process orders.

To find the nearest Amazon fulfillment center to your location, follow these steps:

  • Amazon Help Center:

Visit Amazon’s official Help Center on their website. In the search bar, type “Find Amazon Fulfillment Centers.”

  • Location Search:

The search results will likely display a link to the page that provides information about Amazon fulfillment center locations. Click on that link.

  • Enter Your Zip Code:

On the fulfillment center locations page, you will find a search bar where you can enter your zip code or city name.

View Nearby Centers:

After entering your location, a list of nearby fulfillment centers, if available, will be displayed along with their addresses.

  • Note:
  • Keep in mind that not all locations have fulfillment centers nearby. If there are no centers listed in your immediate vicinity, Amazon might still serve your area through regional centers located in nearby cities.

How Amazon Chooses Warehouse Locations

Amazon Warehouse Locations

Amazon’s approach to choosing warehouse locations is data-driven.

The company analyzes factors such as population density, proximity to major transportation routes, and customer demand patterns to identify strategic locations for its fulfillment centers.

Additionally, Amazon considers government incentives and local workforce availability when making these decisions.

The Impact of Amazon Fulfillment Centers on E-commerce

Amazon Fulfillment Centers have had a significant impact on the e-commerce industry.

They have set new standards for fast and reliable shipping, prompting other online retailers to improve their logistics and delivery processes to remain competitive.

Moreover, the availability of Prime delivery has raised customer expectations, influencing shopping behavior across the board.

Challenges and Controversies

Despite the undeniable convenience they provide, Amazon Fulfillment Centers have faced scrutiny over the years. Some of the challenges and controversies include:

Labor Practices

There have been concerns raised about the working conditions of employees in Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

Reports of intense work pressures, long hours, and lack of adequate breaks have sparked debates about labor rights and worker well-being.

Environmental Concerns

The sheer scale of Amazon’s operations and the extensive use of packaging materials have raised environmental concerns.

The company has taken steps to improve its sustainability practices, but critics argue that more can be done to reduce its carbon footprint.

Future of Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Amazon Fulfillment CentersAs technology continues to advance, the future of Amazon Fulfillment Centers looks promising. The company is investing in automation and robotics to streamline operations further.

This will likely lead to even faster order processing and delivery, raising the bar for the entire industry.

Moersourcing Helps FBA Sellers Ship To Amazon Warehouses Near You

For Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers, efficiently shipping products to Amazon’s warehouses is crucial to ensure timely deliveries to customers.

Moersourcing is a valuable service that assists FBA sellers in streamlining their shipping processes, making it easier to deliver products to Amazon’s warehouses conveniently and efficiently.

In this chapter, we will explore how Moersourcing helps FBA sellers ship to Amazon warehouses near you.

How Moersourcing Works


Inventory Receiving and Storage

Moersourcing starts by receiving the seller’s inventory at their fulfillment centers.

Sellers can ship their products directly to Moersourcing’s warehouses, where the items are checked for quality and quantity.

After the inspection process, the inventory is securely stored until it is ready to be shipped to Amazon’s warehouses.

  • Amazon-Compliant Labeling

Moersourcing takes care of labeling each unit with Amazon-compliant barcodes and stickers.

This is essential for seamless tracking and inventory management within Amazon’s system. Proper labeling also ensures that products are accurately associated with the seller’s Amazon FBA account.

  • Inventory Tracking and Management

The Moersourcing platform provides sellers with real-time visibility of their inventory. Through a user-friendly dashboard, sellers can monitor their stock levels, track shipments to Amazon, and receive alerts for any inventory-related issues.

This helps sellers maintain optimal inventory levels and prevent stockouts.

  • Shipping to Amazon Warehouses

When Amazon provides the shipping plan, Moersourcing efficiently picks, packs, and ships the products to the designated Amazon fulfillment centers.

Moersourcing ensures that the correct quantities and items are sent to each warehouse, minimizing errors and delays in the process.

FAQs About Amazon Fulfillment Center

faqs about Amazon Fulfillment Centers

  • How many Amazon Fulfillment Centers are there worldwide?

Amazon operates hundreds of fulfillment centers worldwide, strategically located to serve customers efficiently.

  • What is the average shipping time for Amazon orders?

The average shipping time for Amazon orders varies depending on the customer’s location and the chosen shipping method. Prime members often enjoy two-day shipping on eligible items.

  • Do Amazon Fulfillment Centers handle international shipping?

Yes, Amazon Fulfillment Centers are equipped to handle international shipping to many countries around the world.

  • How does Amazon ensure the safety and security of its fulfillment centers?

Amazon employs robust security measures, including surveillance systems and access controls, to ensure the safety and security of its fulfillment centers.

  • What steps is Amazon taking to improve its environmental impact?

Amazon has committed to sustainability initiatives, such as reducing carbon emissions and implementing more eco-friendly packaging solutions.


Amazon Fulfillment Centers play a pivotal role in the success of the e-commerce giant.

Their strategic locations, efficient order fulfillment process, and commitment to customer satisfaction have set new standards in the industry.

While facing challenges and controversies, Amazon continues to evolve and innovate, shaping the future of online shopping.


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