Top 5 Best Sourcing Agents in the USA: A Guide to Hiring a Sourcing Agent

In many industries, sourcing is regarded as the lifeblood of all businesses because it assists in making all necessary materials and products for production and sales available to the company. We know that not all products are available in a single state or nation. So how do businesses, companies, and firms typically find these products in other countries? Who do they speak to or engage with?

Today, we’ll learn more about sourcing agencies in this article, including what they do, how they operate, and which ones are the best. We’ll examine their roles, qualities, and attributes.

What are Sourcing Agencies?

A sourcing agency is known to work primarily on a B2B basis with several businesses, assisting them in finding the sources of their products and supplies at manufacturer/wholesale prices. In conclusion, sourcing agents serve as a middleman between you and the right supplier who offers the products you require at a competitive price.

However, a sourcing agency may offer the following major services:

  • Supplier choice
  • Price bargaining
  • Market study and evaluation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Shipment Evaluation
  • Clearance of Customs

A sourcing agent, on the other hand, could be an entire agency or simply a single agent who offers his services to several businesses that require them. To maintain openness, the sourcing agent will assist you in negotiating the terms and policies.

A domestic company may occasionally use a sourcing agent in order to find the best price for the specified product that is in demand in that nation. This is because sourcing agents are connected to many of the vendors that the business needs.

However, a corporation hires a sourcing agency abroad in order to entrust the agent with finding the suppliers they require in that nation or state. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the sourcing agents to ensure that they identify a supplier who meets their needs in terms of the precise products required or the pricing.

What are the Types of Sourcing Agents?

There are 3 types of sourcing agents. Let’s see them individually.

  • Individual Sourcing Agents

These sourcing agents are one-person bands. They are autonomous and have no associated body. They work more independently and can probably only serve a small number of clients because they handle everything themselves. Fortunately, working with a small number of clients can be helpful because it fosters stronger professional ties with them.

Individual sourcing agents frequently operate from home or, if they so choose, rent a small office in many cases. But some people have a lot of experience working for trading or sourcing firms.

Despite being exposed in terms of sourcing, they could be hard to locate. Individual sourcing agents have stronger relationships with clients and suppliers than sourcing agencies is one of their many distinguishing qualities.


  • Sourcing Companies

The purpose of sourcing companies is to employ many agents and place them in various targeted items. Due to their integration with numerous other teams that the agency uses or hires, they are known more for having a wider network of clients and suppliers. Due to their extensive networks, sourcing agencies typically charge a premium over independent sourcing agents.


  • Companies offering full-service sourcing and logistics

These are well-known businesses that include sourcing services in their list of offerings. The most expensive of the three is this. They also offer a significant advantage because they can deliver the item you require.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Sourcing Agents?

Let’s see the benefits of hiring sourcing agents.

  • Outstanding Experience and a Vast Supplier Network

You don’t just employ a random person when you hire a sourcing agent; you also pay for its knowledge and connections. With this in mind, you are aware that you cannot make a mistake when selecting an agent because of their knowledge, exposure, and experience.


  • More time is saved.

You can save a lot of time by using a sourcing agency, eliminating the need for extensive online research to identify the right supplier for your firm. As a result, choosing a sourcing agent that is knowledgeable in their field will streamline the process for you and, in general, make life much simpler for you. He will take care of everything on your behalf, saving you time and stress.


  • They are highly susceptible when negotiating prices with suppliers

A sourcing agent has a much deeper understanding of their network than anyone else. The sourcing agents know the maximum price discount a supplier may offer. This enables them to keep the quality at a cheap cost. In conclusion, using a sourcing agency may take advantage of such benefits that will last you a long time.

What are the Qualities of Sourcing Agents?

  • Capabilities in communication

Building excellent and lasting relationships depends on effective communication in every transaction. For this reason alone, a sourcing agent must be able to communicate with suppliers in their language. In summary, the agents are required to convey the terms you desire for your required supply. However, failing to express the specifics won’t result in you getting the desired merchandise.


  • Transparency

Each sourcing agent must exhibit the qualities of transparency. To dispel any lingering concerns, they must be able to demonstrate that they possess a license. To make sure that nobody is being defrauded, they must also be able to rely on reliable information like the price of supplies.

Top 5 Best Sourcing Agents in the USA


Let’s look at the top sourcing agents in the United States now that we’ve seen what they are, their qualities, and their benefits.


  • MoerSourcing

Moer sourcing connects people with quality products and services; It has been a trusted and transparent sourcing company located in Yiwu international trade market since 2010. They mainly source small commodity products for customers from all over the world.



Moer sourcing provides direct access to the best manufacturers in China so you can get better quality goods at wholesale prices.


  • Puppyh Worldwide Marketing

They offer consolidation of samples, worldwide product sourcing, and product research and analysis.



It offers an interesting choice that protects your privacy and enables you to work in the healthcare sector without difficulty.


  • Ancient Journeys

They offer a variety of services, such as quality control and inspection, handmade Swarovski crystal creation (a rare jewel), handling priceless and semi-priceless objects like precious stones, trading fine glass beads, etc.



As a result of the agency’s extensive network and direct relationship with the supplier, their clients have a tremendous opportunity to cut costs.


  • Fazaz Global Concepts

The agency is integrated, has a well-known reputation for its services, a supply, delivery, and management chain, and is well known for having some of the greatest sourcing agent talents in the industry.



They employ machinery and devices to inspect the products to see if they are up to par after purchasing them from reliable vendors. However, they have built a solid basis with the assistance of their professionals, equipment, in-depth study, and established divisions.


  • K&S Global Alliance

They make research and outsource detailed work, but their main reputation is for matching buyers and providers. However, this sourcing agent is also renowned for their high standards of quality and maintenance, as well as the fact that they are skilled at haggling prices with suppliers.



This sourcing agent is one of the top outsourcing agents in the United States, and they also have fantastic and well-respected supply and management chain.

Why Should I Hire a Sourcing Agent?

Dealing with international suppliers is a challenging task, especially because you’ll need to learn about and comprehend their entire backgrounds. However, as their business and profession involve working with the locals, sourcing agents are aware of this, as well as their language and cultural background.

Using sourcing agents is also proven to boost your chances of discovering high-quality products within your pricing range or even cheaper.

Factors you need to Consider Before Hiring a Sourcing Agent

Here are several factors that you should consider before hiring a sourcing agent:

  • There is a commission associated with using a sourcing agent.

You must undoubtedly pay a commission to a sourcing agent based on their fee or the terms of the contract in order to hire them. You won’t even begin to believe a sourcing agent if the supplier is paying him. Why? Because you believe the service to be opaque.

In conclusion, the supplier or manufacturer is also on a different party, and the sourcing agent is a middleman on his own separate party on several occasions.


  • If the Supplier Covers It

As was already established, you wouldn’t trust the sourcing agent’s services if they were paid by the supplier. Because the supplier, not you, is paying for the sourcing agent’s services, and because he might even be considered more of a marketing agent than a sourcing agent, you might as well think less of him.

As a result, the agent’s agenda and goals are really those of the supplier who hired him, not you.


  • If a sourcing agent’s services are necessary

Deciding if you truly need to use a sourcing agent is essential for your budget.

However, the budget for hiring a sourcing agent is more likely effective from a corporate standpoint than for personal consumption. Considering that while planning to use a sourcing agency is necessary… you can deduct the cost of expenses related to engaging an agent.

A sourcing agent may also be more expensive to hire if you only want to buy a small amount of the product to test.

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Wrapping Up

Finding a sourcing agent who is dependable and trustworthy can be aided by asking the correct questions.

Ask them whether they have experience producing goods in countries like China or other nations to determine their qualifications.

Moreover, how frequently they visit these locations, the kind of safety gear they bring along when they’re there (masks are recommended), and if or not they offer any other services like inspecting finished goods for quality before shipping.

Make sure this individual or agency is aware of all the rules and certifications that may be required for your product to be sold in North American markets.

Consequently, there won’t be any delays in the customs officers approving it.

Furthermore, it makes sense to inquire about the location of sources’ offices because you want people who reside close enough to visit your factory often.


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