How long does DHgate takes to Ship?

DHgate is an online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers primarily from China, offering a wide range of products.

The shipping time on DHgate can vary significantly depending on several factors.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about how long does DHgate takes to ship.

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How long does DHgate take to Deliver?

How long does DHgate take to Deliver

DHgate’s delivery times can vary depending on factors such as the shipping method chosen, the seller’s location, the product type, and your location.

Shipping Times from to Different Countries:

Country Standard Shipping Time Expedited Shipping Time
United States 15-30 days 5-10 days
United Kingdom 15-30 days 5-10 days
Canada 15-40 days 5-15 days
Australia 15-35 days 5-12 days
Germany 15-40 days 5-15 days
France 15-40 days 5-15 days
Spain 15-40 days 5-15 days
Russia 20-45 days 7-18 days
India 20-45 days 7-18 days

Generally, standard shipping might take a few weeks to a month, while expedited options can arrive sooner.

  • Item Processing Time by DHgate:

Explain how DHgate processes orders internally before they are handed over to the seller for shipping.

  • DHgate Shipping Time:

Discuss the general shipping timeframes buyers can expect when using different shipping methods.

  • DHgate Shipment Methods:

Detail the various shipping options available to buyers, such as standard shipping, expedited shipping, and more.

  • Shipment through Air Freight:

Explain the process and advantages of using air freight for faster delivery.

  • Shipment through Sea Freight:

Describe sea freight as an option for larger shipments and discuss its potential benefits and drawbacks.

  • China Express Shipment:

Highlight the “China Express” option if available, explaining its features and benefits.

What is DHgate On-time Delivery Guarantee?

Delivery Guarantee

DHgate’s On-time Delivery Guarantee ensures that products will arrive within the stated timeframe.

If a product doesn’t arrive on time, DHgate may offer a partial refund or full refund, depending on the situation.

This policy is designed to protect buyers from late or non-delivered items.

  • DHgate On-time Delivery:

Explain what the On-time Delivery Guarantee entails, including how it protects buyers against late deliveries.

  • What is Not Included in DHgate “On-time Delivery Guarantee”:

Clarify situations or conditions that might not be covered by the guarantee.

  • Difference between Guaranteed & Estimated Delivery Times:

Compare the guaranteed delivery time (On-time Delivery) with the estimated delivery time to manage buyer expectations.

Customer Reviews regarding order Delivery through DHgate


Customer reviews on DHgate can provide insights into the delivery experiences of other buyers.

Reading these reviews can help you gauge the average delivery times for specific sellers, products, and shipping methods. However, keep in mind that individual experiences can vary.

  • Minimum Time Taken for Order Delivery by DHgate:

Share some positive experiences from customer reviews where orders arrived quickly.

  • Maximum Time Taken for Order Delivery by DHgate:

Discuss instances where delivery took longer than expected, based on customer feedback.

  • Order Not Received:

Address the issue of orders not being received and how customers can handle this situation.

  • No Refund by Seller:

Explain scenarios where customers didn’t receive a refund from the seller after failed delivery attempts.

Things to know about DHgate Shipping 

Things to know

Shipping times and logistics were significantly affected.with special cases sometimes flights were reduced, customs procedures changed, and lockdowns impacted transportation.

This led to potential delays in deliveries. DHgate likely implemented safety measures and adjustments to handle these challenges.

To avoid these issues you need to:

  • Plan Well Before Ordering:

Provide tips on researching shipping times, choosing reliable shipping methods, and considering potential delays.

  • Stay Updated about Shipping News and Time:

Recommend staying informed about shipping updates and potential delays.

  • Be Connected with Other Parties Involved:

Discuss communication with sellers, carriers, and DHgate support during the pandemic.

  • Anticipate Sudden Changes:

Prepare buyers for the possibility of sudden changes in shipping times due to evolving circumstances.

Factors Causing Delays in DHgate Shipping


  • Delay in Transfer Flights:

Explain how flight delays can impact international shipments.

  • Time Requirements for Full Aircraft Logistics Warehouse:

Discuss the time needed to consolidate and process shipments before they are sent out.

  • Low Efficiency and Custom Clearance:

Explain how customs procedures and efficiency can affect shipping times.

  • Delay Due to Holidays and Major Events:

Discuss how holidays and significant events can cause temporary disruptions in shipping.

How Do I Track DHgate Order?

  • DHgate Order Number Tracking:

Explain how to find and use the order number for tracking on DHgate’s website.

  • DHgate Shipping Options:

Describe how to navigate DHgate’s tracking options, including links to carrier websites if applicable.

Steps to Follow if the Order is Not Received on DHgate

  • Submit Return Refund or Wait for Delivery:

Advise buyers on whether to request a refund or wait a bit longer if the order is delayed.

  • Reach an Agreement with the Seller:

Explain the importance of communication with the seller to resolve delivery issues.

  • Execute Agreement or Evaluate to DHgate for Arbitration:

If an agreement cannot be reached, guide buyers on involving DHgate for arbitration.

FAQs about DHgate Shipping Time

faqs dhgate

  • Is My Payment Secure on DHgate?:

Address concerns about payment security when using DHgate.

  • What Is the Best Mode of Shipping When Making an Order Through DHgate?:

Offer guidance on choosing the appropriate shipping method based on needs and preferences.

  • How Long Will It Take to Deliver to USA and Canada Through DHgate?:

Provide estimated delivery times for shipments to these regions.

  • Which Is Better, DHgate or AliExpress?:

Offer a brief comparison of the two platforms in terms of shipping and other factors.

  • What Is the Minimum Time I Will Get My Order Using DHgate?:

Provide a general timeframe for the quickest possible delivery through DHgate.


In conclusion, DHgate offers a diverse array of products through its online marketplace, catering to a global customer base.

Understanding DHgate shipping times is crucial for a seamless shopping experience.

While delivery times can vary due to multiple factors, including shipping method, seller location, and unforeseen circumstances, DHgate strives to provide reliable shipping options to meet various needs.

Customers can choose from a range of shipping methods, such as standard shipping, expedited options, and specialized services like China Express shipment.

The On-time Delivery Guarantee further underscores DHgate’s commitment to timely deliveries, offering buyers protection against late arrivals.

Customers should stay connected with relevant parties, track orders diligently, and consider unexpected changes that might affect delivery times.

Despite occasional delays, DHgate remains dedicated to customer satisfaction.

With effective communication, buyers can address issues like non-delivery or refund concerns by collaborating with sellers.

If needed, involving DHgate’s support for arbitration can help in resolving disputes.


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