[Top 12] Best Socks Manufacturers in China

Socks play a significant role in our daily lives. China produces billions of socks each year, and roughly 8 out of every 10 socks worldwide are crafted in China. So in this article, we’ll introduce you to China’s top sock manufacturers renowned for their exceptional quality, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.


Socks Manufacturers in China – Top Picks


1. Foshan Nanhai Jixingfeng Knit Factory

  • Location: Foshan City,
  • China Year Founded: 2003
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Main Product: socks
  • Other Products: Wristbands, headbands, mobile bags, and so on.

The company specializes in sock production and design. Foshan Nanhai can customize products for domestic brands and export orders. They offer different types of socks and mainly produce quarter-length ankle socks for customers of different ages and groups.

Foshan Nanhai has advanced equipment and technology to ensure high quality and efficiency.

They have a professional team of pattern designers, fabric weavers, and machine operators and provide service from development to delivery. This company has a good reputation and is well-known for their quality. It has obtained C-Tick certification for product quality and inspection.

Foshan Nanhai has a large domestic and international market share, with its main markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. You can visit their website to see their products and contact them.


2. Haining Kangyi Knitting Company

  • Location: Jiaxing City, China
  • Year Founded: 2002
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Main Products: socks

Haining Kangyi is one of the best sock manufacturers in China. This company has a registered capital of 14 million RMB and has more than 170 employees, having an area of 6447 square meters. They have self-support rights to import and export and have a BSCI certification.

Haining Kangyi’s main products are different types of socks, such as function socks, gentlemen’s socks, baby socks, etc. The company’s key principle is Bisong Yin.

They cooperated with brands Bioworld, Disney, Calvin Klein, Tabio, polo, and so on. They export their products to Japan, Korea, the USA, and so on. Their quality control over the manufacturing of products is highly appreciated.


3.Jiaxing Max Hosiery Company

  • Location: Jiaxing, china
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Main Products: socks

Founded in 2014, Jiaxing Max Hosiery is a company with a registered capital of 5 million RMB. It operates in both Jiaxing and Hangzhou, with a focus on independent import and export activities. The company boasts an impressive array of certifications, including BSCI, ISO9001, CE, FDA, OEKO, TEX, and STANDARD100.

Their primary product offerings encompass compression socks, ankle braces, calf sleeves, basketball socks, and various costume socks. With a global outlook, Jiaxing Max Hosiery supplies its products to markets in Japan, the USA, Europe, and several other countries.

The company’s driving force is its principal, Max Yin, and it operates within a spacious 7,000-square-meter facility equipped with 120 compression sock machines. Their commitment to quality and professionalism is evident through their attainment of Zhejiang SME certification, Alibaba Gold partner status, and Made-In-China supplier qualifications.

Jiaxing Max Hosiery takes pride in its cutting-edge machinery, including 120 compression sock machines, single and double needle machines, an imported range tester, and two environmental antibacterial deodorant machines. Moreover, they are known for possessing one of the most professional compression machines globally, serving a diverse clientele worldwide.

They’ve established dedicated facilities like an independent raw material warehouse, sampling workshops, and prototype workshops to support their operations. With a dedicated team of 105 employees, Jiaxing Max Hosiery is committed to delivering high-quality products to its customers.


4. Shanghai Chiguang Industry

  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Main Products: socks
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Other Products: silk masks, silk gloves, etc.

This company was founded and registered in 2016 in China. Shanghai Chiguang specializes in designing and manufacturing different types of socks, and the current business has expanded to silk gloves,  silk masks, etc.

The company is dedicated to meeting all the requirements of customers all around the world and is developing day by day. They produce various types of OEM socks in accordance with the ISO9000 manufacturers providing high-quality products to the customers.

Shanghai Chigaung exports its products to the USA, Italy, Australia, Russia, Japan, and other parts of the world. Their high-quality products and competitive prices are highly appreciated by the customers. The company has a strong technical force and well-equipped testing equipment.


5. Zhuji Innovate Knitting Company

  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Location: Zhuji City, China
  • Company Type: Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Main Product: trampoline socks
  • Other Products: low-cut socks, baby socks, women’s socks, etc.

Zhuji Innovate Knitting Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and exporting socks in different varieties and is located in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province in China. Its main products are trampoline socks, sports socks, men’s socks, women’s socks, baby socks, and so on.

Zhuji Innovates exports its products to the USA, Australia, Japan, and other countries all around the world. They have advanced types of equipment and strong machinery for the manufacturing process.

They produce high-quality products with technology as they are the professional manufacturer of trampoline socks. Innovates have extensive experience with this product and possess in-depth knowledge of this product. To provide the best quality products is its first priority.


6. Langsha Knitting Co., Ltd

  • Location: Yiwu City, China
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Main Product: socks
  • Other Products: panties and underwear, etc.

Langsha Knitting was established in 1995 and is located in Yiwu City, China, and become the largest hosiery enterprise in the world through 20 years of efforts. They have a wide variety of socks that are supplied all over the world. New varieties of different products are launched every day due to their strong developing ability.

The market share of Langsha covers 1/3 of the whole country because they have invested millions of capital in the advertisement of their product through the powerful media of China. Their exclusive shops are more than 2000, terminal sales outlet are 100,000 and have more than 300 foreign customers.

Langsha has the world’s most advanced digital equipment like cotton hosiery machines, silk stock, medical stock machines, seamless machines, etc., having a daily output of 4 million socks. The company covers an area of 1500 mu and serves as the knitting and textile clothing production enterprise with a relatively large scale in the world at present.

Langsha produces different varieties of products with more than 100 categories and thousands of varieties available for all seasons. Different varieties with huge quantities can be produced due to their strong developing ability.


7. Zhejiang Yoofe Socks

  • Location: Ningbo City, China
  • Year Founded: 2001
  • Company Type: manufacturer
  • Main Products: sock

It is the country’s largest base of socks located in Yinzhou zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. Yoofe Socks specializes in all types of socks, including wool socks, woolen socks, rabbit socks, cotton socks, and so on. Yoofe Socks has 11 to 20 employees and has an annual sales volume of US$ 1.5 million to US$ 2.5 million.

Their products are supplied all over the world, having high quality and reasonable prices. The company has advanced equipment and high technology, such as computerized sock machines, sock plastic dropping machines, and automatic packaging machines.

Their products are supplied to many countries, including North America, Europe, and Asia. yoofe socks company has a good relationship of cooperation and reliance with customers.

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8. Shaoxing Annor Textile Co., Ltd

  • Location: Shaoxing City, China
  • Year founded: 2007
  • Company Type: Manufacturer and trading company
  • Main Product: socks
  • Other Products: gloves, latex, etc.

This company is located in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province in China. They are specialized in all kinds of socks, gloves, glove materials, and glove equipment.

They are the major suppliers in China of labor gloves and raw materials due to their hard work. Annor Textile has a high reputation all over the world. They supply their products to the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Shaoxing provides high-quality products with competitive prices all over the world. They use silver fiber as a main material for their antibacterial socks, diabetic socks, and medical because silver fiber has antibacterial, anti-odor, and anti-static advantages.


9. Nantong Bi’antong Textile Fabrics Trade Co., Ltd.

9. Nantong Bi'antong Textile Fabrics Trade Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Jiangsu, China
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Main Products: socks

Nantong Bi’anTong Textile Fabrics Trade Co., Ltd. is a versatile trading company that encompasses the design, production, sales, and export of various textile and apparel products.

With a history spanning over 5 years, the company has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of a wide range of items, including aviation socks, hats, blankets, t-shirts, covers, scarves, baboosh, gloves, and yarn.

Notably, their cotton socks are a standout product in their diverse portfolio. These products have found favor with customers in Japan, Europe, and the United States, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Nantong Bi’anTong’s dedication to quality is evident through its clear and defined quality principles, along with a robust detection and inspection system. With a spacious production zone covering over 5,000 square meters, the company is well-equipped to meet the demands of the global market.


10. Haining Mianshang Knitting Co., Ltd

  • Location: Haining, China
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Main Products: socks

Haining Mianshang Knitting Co., Ltd. is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, 120 km away from Shanghai. This company covers an area of 5000 square meters with more than 90 employees. They have many advanced equipment like various cotton socks and hosiery machines.

Mianshang knitting company invested more than 1 million US$, introducing the world’s most advanced computer sock design system, and its annual production capacity reached 10 million pairs of socks.

They actively developed many styles with designers, and the domestic customers highly appreciate their quality. With the integration of the most fashionable foreign styles in their design, Miashang’s products always lead the domestic style.

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11. Suzho Singularity Clothing Co., Ltd

  • Location: Suzhou, China
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Company Type: manufacturer
  • Main Product: socks

Suzho Singularity company specializes in socks and is a professional socks supplier in China.  All of their products are made and supplied according to the customer’s demands and requirements, and accept ODM and ODM.

Suzho Singularity’s main products are outdoor adventure socks for hiking, trekking, expeditions, cycling, running, etc. Providing the best quality is their first priority, and are constantly adding improved and advanced technology to their manufacturing process. They produced high-quality, the most comfortable, and hard-wearing socks by utilizing the best raw materials.

Suzho Singularity exports its products to North America, South America, Africa, and Australia.

They have tried and tested partner factories in Haining, Zhiji, and Jiangsu since 2012 started to import new and advanced Lonati Toe Closer machines to meet different customers’ requirements.


12. Zhejiang Youqiao Knitting Garment Co., Ltd

  • Location: Haining City, China
  • Year Founded: 2005
  • Company Type: Manufacturer and trading company
  • Main Product: socks

Zhejiang Youqaio Knitting Garment Co., Ltd is a professional company that provides all types of socks, including middle and high-grade socks, tights, etc. It is located in Haining City, which is in the Hangjiahu plain in the north of Zhejiang Province, known as the land of fish and rice, the silk house, and the leather capital, and is 100 km away from Hangzhou, Shanghai.

They have an area of 17000 square meters and 160 employees. Youqiao Garments is cooperating with brands like New Balance, Kappa, Jam Garden, etc., to satisfy the customers and provide high-quality products. For this purpose, Youqaio Garment has four business rules: innovation concept, pursuit of excellence, rapid improvement, and sustainable operation.

They also support product customization to move toward the goal of product diversification.

The company also has different advanced technologies and machines for high-quality purposes like double needle machines made in Taiwan, pile machines, fully automatic sewing machines, Korean ALOME double-layer and single-layer automatic shape-setting machines, and straight-line sewing machines.

The company’s annual output is 15 million pairs, and the annual sales volume is 50 million. Their products are exported to Japan and Germany with 100% quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to manufacture a pair of socks?

The time taken to manufacture socks depends on the size and type; smaller socks will take less time, and vice versa. Generally, customizing a regular sock takes 1 minute per pair of socks.

What percentage of socks are made in China?

China is the global leader in manufacturing socks. About 90% of socks sold in all parts of the world are from China.

What is the healthiest material for socks?

Merino wool, Olifen, or polyester are the healthiest materials used to manufacture socks. It may be expensive, but it has high comfort.

Are socks made of plastic?

Most of the socks are made of artificial fibers. They will shed off every time they are used.


In Closing

China is a major producer and exporter of socks globally, with many manufacturers offering various kinds of socks, some of which are mentioned above.

They produce high-quality socks according to the needs of the customers. They have also cooperated with well-known brands and companies and are a good choice for anyone to buy socks from China.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective supplier of socks for your market, you can contact Moer Sourcing.

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