Top 13 Best Sunglasses Manufacturers in the USA

Are you a wholesaler, B2B business owner, or a retailer looking for the most reputable sunglasses manufacturing companies to buy from?

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The United States sunglasses market is enormous; finding a manufacturer might be easy, but deciding the most suitable one can get tricky.

Please read through this article to explore the best manufacturers in the USA that we have compiled to help you make a reasonable choice.


Sunglasses Manufacturers in the USA – Top Picks


1. American Optical

1. American Optical

  • Year Founded: 1833
  • Location: Illinois, USA.
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Sunglasses
  • Other Products: Eyewear brands such as Original Pilot, Saratoga, general

American Optical has set the stage for other sunglass manufacturing companies in America. They have existed for more than a century and have envisioned of providing eyewear to every kind of individual, not just the elites. Hence, they decided to put their all into making these sunglasses of the best quality possible.

Their strong vision, dedicated workers, and state-of-the-art machinery have helped them stay at the top of their game and create glasses for the United States military, presidents, NASA, and naval experiments.

Many of these military and naval experiments in the past were done with AO’s sunglasses. AO still serves these sectors with eyeglasses today.

The United States sunglasses market today has many fashionable, medical, and rigorous high-quality eyeglasses of the AO brand.


2. Eyeking Eyewear

2. Eyeking Eyewear

  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Location: Melville, New York
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Sunglasses
  • Other Products: Visors and protective eyewear, accessories

Eyeking Eyewear is a giant eyeglass merchandise manufacturer. The company has stood tall for over a decade, constantly producing eyeglasses for the US market. Today, they control a large portion of the sunglass market in the US with their high-quality products for numerous purposes like sports, fashion, and youth.

They have fashionable eyewear that they can produce from collaboration with able global partners that help them to create a wide range of sunglasses. Their products come in classic, retro, and friendly styles. They also make use of lenses for protection against UV rays.



3. Shwood Eyewears

3. Shwood Eyewears

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Sunglasses, RX eyewear
  • Other Products: Men’s sunglasses, women’s sunglasses, kinsrow wood

The creators of Shwood Eyewears decided to try something new and went for wooden frames for their eyeglasses. The idea was a blast. The uniqueness of their eyewear and the work they put in to deliver high-quality makes their company successful.

Their technique involves a merge of hardwood with an ultra-thin aluminum stringer for high durability. They have also introduced innovations in the material field where newspapers, stones, vinyl records, glass, etc can be used for glass frames.

Shwood puts a considerable concentration on the lenses they use for their sunglasses. Their sunglasses come with a durable and apparent lens that blocks out UV rays, dims excess light, and improves vision for medical sunglasses.


4. WearMe Pro

4. WearMe Pro

  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Eyeglasses

WearMe Pro is a family-owned and managed business operating very simply. It has a reasonable amount of staff dedicated to creating eyeglasses that hold a purpose for customers.

They have a vision of creating high-quality sunglasses that don’t come off as pricey because of the logo or branding attached to them. Hence, they keep their business simple, purposeful, and reputable.

WearMe Pro has been ranked amongst the fastest-growing companies in 2021 and serves eyewear across the United States.



5. Lowercase Sunglasses

5. Lowercase Sunglasses

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Sunglasses
  • Other Products: Optical

Lowercase boasts of a very skillful and dedicated group of craftsmen. Ever since their introduction, they have been on a mission to create sunglasses that were second to none in the United States market, and so far, they’ve been faring quite well in that regard.

They make all their sunglasses with love, inspired by the city’s location, music, events, and history so that when you wear a piece of their sunglasses, you embody what they are about.

All their eyewear carries unique designs with artistic expressions, which is very fashionable.

Their factory located in Brooklyn has high-end machines that they use to make these glasses. A piece of glass passes through 30 steps, which takes about two weeks to complete. The numerous production stages are how much they go to make sure they give their customers the best value for their money.

They also have channels for optical eyeglasses. Their medical professionals work hand-in-hand with the manufacturers to make glasses that suit your medical dosage.


6. Charlie V Sunglasses

6. Charlie V Sunglasses

  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Location: Detroit, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Sunglasses, RX glasses, sports glasses
  • Other Products: Hats, t-shirts

Charlie V sunglasses offer a masterpiece of dedicated craftsmanship and high-quality design. Their glasses cover a range of styles for customers, which includes sports, lifestyle, casual, or fashion.

The designs of their sunglasses are very considerate of the everyday activity of man. They possess a cutting-edge pivot and hinge design, where the glasses can be easily folded and placed in the pockets. They also ensured that the arms didn’t protrude over the lenses when folded to avoid damage to the sunglasses.

Although their frames are made with polycarbonate, durable, and applicable, they also make classic frames from wood, combining walnut, maple, mahogany, and cherry.

They also pick out the best lenses, which are polycarbonate shatter-resistant and can protect from UV rays.

Charlie V is concerned about quality a lot; they handle all the operation of their sunglasses with the uttermost care in their high-end factories.



7. Randolph Engineering

7. Randolph Engineering

  • Year Founded: 1973
  • Location: Randolph, Massachusetts
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer
  • Main Products: Men’s and women’s sunglasses, polarized and non-polarized sunglasses
  • Other Products: Military aviator collection, gifts, accessories, 23k white gold sunglasses, cobalt connection, etc

In about 1982, Random entered a contract with the United States military to create military-spec aviators and became their prime contractor. The company has since gained a lot more recognition through the years. They have become one of the most significant military spec producers and one of the most iconic sunglass brands in the United States.

Presently, their sunglasses are produced for various purposes like sports, outdoor activities, police, and sight-critical operations.

They are also a prominent eyeglasses supplier to other air forces like Jordan, Belgium, Australia, and Israel.

Their products include a 50th-anniversary collection, a 23k gold collection, pilot sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses, a fusion collection, a 22k rose gold collection, a cobalt collection, and many more.


8. Maui Jim

8. Maui Jim

  • Year Founded: 1980
  • Location: Peoria, Illinois
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Sunglasses, eyewear
  • Other Products: Prescription lenses, progressive lenses, apparel,

Maui Jim glasses are more expensive than regular eyeglasses, and there is a justified reason for this. They make their eyeglasses with high-end materials and patented lens technology to ensure high durability and the best performance.

Beginning with their frames, they specifically select materials like acetate, nylon, and metal alloys. This material makes the frames lighter, with high shatter resistance and exceptional strength.

Next is their unique lens called the polarizedplus2 lens. This lens creates characteristic high glare protection, fantastic colors, and high clarity. They also use lenses like Maui Rose, Maui HT, and Neutral Grey, each according to specific conditions.

These eyewear are handcrafted, meaning they go through various stages before release. These stages have state-of-the-art machinery and services that stretch the capability of these eyeglasses to ensure high proficiency.

The frames are produced in Japan, the lenses are made in the USA, and the sunglasses are coupled in the factories.

All these helped build up the astounding credibility of these sunglass brands despite their cost.



9. American Sunglass Manufacturing Inc.

9. American Sunglass Manufacturing Inc.

  • Year Founded: 1970
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Sunglasses
  • Other Products: Eyewear

American Sunglass Manufacturing offers a complete eyewear service in their facilities. The services include lens design and production, sunglass assembly, pick and pack, and shipping.

Their lens design and production begin with lens edging, done with a state-of-the-art MEi lens edging machine. With this machine, American Sunglass Manufacturing Inc can produce up to 4,000 edge lenses per day.

Their sunglass assembly is done with a high-precision machine monitored by skilled employees. The sunglass assembly is usually done in high volumes, and thousands of sunglasses are produced in a day.

They also produce quality lenses. These are lenses that improve vision and protect the eyes from UV rays. With over 30 years of experience, they manufacture one of the best Sunglasses in the US and distribute to many retailers globally.


10. Fatheadz Eyewear

10. Fatheadz Eyewear

  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Men’s and women’s sunglasses, men’s Rx, women’s Rx
  • Other products: Eye doctor/ retailer search services.

Fatheadz Eyewear is an all-US sunglass production company. Their initial vision was to create sunglasses for men with too large heads to fit into standard eyeglasses’ width. They began by creating four product lines of oversized eyeglasses, which did brilliantly in the eyewear market. Today, Fatheadz Eyewear has expanded and is producing fashionable and designer sunglasses for both men and women. They have more than 100 unique eyeglass lines.

Their production process is effectively done from a successful partnership with a reputable injection molding company in the US, where their high-end eyewear frames are produced.

Their latest sunglass line, which they call the All-American Version 2.0, has up to 10 different styles, which possess unique framing, color, polarized lens options, etc.


11. Gatorz Eyewear

11. Gatorz Eyewear

  • Year Founded: 1989
  • Location: San Diego, California, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, distributor
  • Main Products: Men’s and women’s Sunglasses
  • Other Products: Lens replacement services

Gatorz Eyewear is a company that created sunglasses that efficiently protect the eyes from adverse conditions during outdoor activities.

Gatorz noticed that traditional sunglasses might deform when exposed to outdoor activities like motorcycling, skydiving, etc., and built rugged eyewear to protect the eye.

They use high-velocity impact-resistant lenses and billet aluminum to manufacture their sunglasses. The sunglasses come in an adjustable nature without tempering their strength. They also put facial wraps to prevent debris and dust from settling on the eyewear.

With more than 30 years of experience, Gatorz has gained substantial expertise, contributing to its success in the eyewear market. Presently, they supply rugged sunglasses to the military and also have fashionable eyewear for both men and women.

If you’re considering going on a field trip, skydiving, hiking, or any outdoor activity, you should consider Gatorz Eyewear for some glasses.



12. Peppers Polarized Sunglasses

12. Peppers Polarized Sunglasses

  • Year Founded: 1994
  • Location: Pulawski Way, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Main Products: Sunglasses for men and women, sports, lifestyle, etc
  • Other Products: Cords, anti-fog cleaner

For over 25 years, Peppers Polarized Sunglasses have served as top-notch sunglasses in the United States market. Their primary focus is the production of high-quality polarized sunglasses for sports and fashion. They make use of high-quality materials for the frames and highly durable lenses.

Their products undergo several quality checks where the eyewear is stretched to capacity to see the level of its durability and improve when needed.

Their website has an extensive collection of sports and fashion sunglasses of different materials like polycarbonate, metal, etc. These glasses are affordable for purchase and wholesale delivery.

Peppers also offers a lifetime warranty on their sunglasses and free shipping (terms and conditions in place). Sunglass shops, retail outlets, and athletic shops in the UK, Europe, the Caribbean, etc., rely on Peppers Polarized Sunglasses for their eyewear supply.


13. State Optical Co.

13. State Optical Co.

  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Main Products: Sunwear, optical

State Optical is a luxurious eyewear brand; all its manufacturing operations are in the US.

They have a perspective that every piece of sunglasses they produce must have a story and match a personality so that when customers purchase a suitable one, they have a mindset of a particular personality.

Their eyewear is very fashionable, durable, and high-quality. The employees designing them are highly stylish and take inspiration from the everyday trends in the fashion world.

The company’s website states that customers should expect two collections yearly. The collections will be during spring, summer, and fall winter. They also have a catalog of over 50 different types of sunglasses on their websites.

Random machines do not just do their frames with incredible aesthetics and designs; they are handmade and created. The sunglasses undergo over 75 processes, which take up hundreds of hours before they are finally ready. These long periods and countless steps are what they initiated to bring out their fabulous eyewear.

If you love to look fashionable, check out State Optical Co. Sunglasses.




How do I source the best Sunglass Manufacturer in the USA?

The easiest way to source sunglasses in the US is to search online. Take a critical look at the reviews on the companies to get an idea of the better ones.

Companies usually drop publications of their products; this can be a good way of getting to know them, or you can attend trade shows to rack more details about the companies and see their products close up.

Who is the best Sunglass Manufacturer in the USA?

Considering a manufacturer as the best Is more of a personal choice, so there is no outright best sunglasses manufacturer in the US. This idea is formed because one company’s strength may not be what you are looking for, and a company might miss out on the qualities you want.

Hence, the best manufacturer will be the most suitable after you have used their products and enjoyed their customer service.

However, there are reputable companies in the market based on sales and user recommendations that you can find and decide to try.



All the companies listed in this guide are highly reputable and provide high-quality products.

Knowing how difficult deciding a brand can be, we decided to storm the market and bring out only the best companies and compile them in this guide. Now, you can easily make an informed choice.

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