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Best Products to Buy from China: Profitable Catagories

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Product selection is a big question, and finding suitable products to sell is also a big challenge. That’s why we’ve launched our latest Products to Buy from China List to help you find new hot products. In this list, you can learn about 17 product trends, popular countries, and marketing methods, which may inspire new business ideas and may also inspire you to expand your product line. Let’s have a look!



Products to Buy from China


Global order growth rate (YoY): 1239%

Popular countries: Canada

Currently, number one on our list of popular products is toys. The global toy market is valued at US$110.97 billion and is experiencing explosive growth in the first half of 2021.

The product line includes dolls, handicrafts, building blocks, dolls, games and puzzles, baby toys, electronic toys for teens, plush toys, miniature car models, adventure toys, and outdoor sports toys. Global orders for reading toys and flying toys also rose 294% and 275%, respectively.

Create a social media marketing strategy that drives organic traffic around kids using toys. Display toys with photo carousels and videos, and include user-generated content from fan accounts to build trust with potential buyers. If you have the budget, run online contests and give free toys to grow your email or Messenger marketing subscriptions.


Products to Buy from China


Global order growth rate (YoY): 1086%

Popular countries: Canada

Shoes were one of the best-performing products in the first half of 2021. Shoes are great for sale at any time of the year.

When selling shoes online, focus on finding your target market and selling to a group first. People search for specific types of shoes online, such as “shoes for men” (12 million monthly searches) and “shoes for women” (823,000 monthly searches)

Pens and Pencils

Products to Buy from China


Global Order Growth (YoY): 540%

Popular countries: United States

The next hot product is pens and pencils.

Manufacturers are introducing new products, such as styluses, inks of different colors, and pencils of different sizes.

This $21 billion industry has several markets to consider:

  • Students: trendy colored pencils and pens are gaining popularity among children and students
  • Artists: Products in a variety of shades appeal to creatives
  • Luxury: Brands focusing on high-end pens appeal to high-income earners due to their designer craftsmanship and appearance
  • Enterprise: Whether working remotely or in an office, people need writing tools

The search term “pens” generates 673,000 monthly searches and “pencils” generates 550,000 monthly searches.

Decorative Bottle

Products to Buy from China

Global Order Growth (YoY): 438%

Popular country: UK

The next current hot product is the decorative bottle. Such items are decorative items, and they come in many different forms, such as vases, urns, and jars.

Create a Pinterest account and post tips and photos on it. Pinterest users tend to love DIY crafts and home decor content so you can connect with potential customers.

Electric Drill

Products to Buy from China

Global Order Growth (YoY): 371%

Popular country: USA

Home improvement is slowly becoming one of the best evergreen niches for startups. Sales in the home improvement market are expected to soar to more than $1 trillion by 2027.

The power drill market alone is expected to surpass $13.6 billion in sales by 2027.

Whether assembling new furniture or doing some quick fixes at home, every home needs a power drill. Some people need heavy-duty tools, others need simpler models.

You can collaborate with home improvement influencers on Instagram, or blog about promoting your power drill products.


Cutting Tools

Products to Buy from China


Global Order Growth (YoY): 341%

Popular countries: United States

Sales of hand-cutting tools have been on the rise in recent months. People are spending more time at home and considering spending more time on DIY and home improvement projects.

While “hand tool cutters” only generate 1,300 searches per month, there are a few variations you can target with SEO tactics, including:

Pliers: 27,100 monthly searches

Metal Cutting Tools: 12,100 monthly searches

Bolt Cutter: 74,000 monthly searches

You can create a blog with home improvement and DIY tips and tricks and connect to your products. Then target your blog traffic with retargeting ads on Facebook or Google.

GPS Navigation System

Products to Buy from China


Global Order Growth (YoY): 323%

Popular countries: Brazil

GPS navigation systems are a hot-selling product that is experiencing significant growth. This trend is hotter at some times than others, but people are generally looking for GPS navigation and gadgets year-round. The market size is also huge. The compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 11.3%.

There are about 3600 monthly searches for the term “GPS navigation”. Different customer groups can be targeted depending on the model and system type.

Some of the items that can be sold under this category include:

  • GPS package
  • Stands and Brackets
  • Chargers and adapters

Hikers may need a handheld GPS, while others may just need a car GPS bag. You can collaborate with niche influencers to increase product exposure.


Products to Buy from China


Global Order Growth (YoY): 306%

Popular countries: Philippines

Bras are one of the most popular online products with consistently high-profit margins. The underwear market is also huge, expected to reach $57 billion by 2026.

The term “bras” has 1.5 million monthly searches, a testament to the popularity of this popular product.

Depending on where you position your brand, there may be opportunities to expand into related product verticals, such as sleepwear or skincare. Since all women are generally the target demographic for bras, visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are ideal channels to grow your brand, whether you’re pursuing organic growth or leveraging its advertising options.

You can also drive growth through influencer marketing. Influencers can model your clothing for a fee or a sales commission to promote your brand.

Auto Parts

Products to Buy from China


Global Order Growth Rate (YoY): 326%

Top Country: France

Over the past few months, we have seen a huge increase in auto retail parts sales. These new hits continue to gain traction as digital sales and service of replacement parts grow. The automotive aftermarket size was valued at $390 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by 3.8% annually through 2028.

Auto parts include:

  • tire
  • Battery
  • Brake system parts

You need to know your target market when it comes to making hot items like tires and wheels.

You can promote these products in several ways:

  1. Make installation videos and live-action skills
  2. Start a car blog
  3. Sponsor a car manufacturing or auto show
  4. Offer price comparison guarantee
  5. Cross-promote with another car company

You may need to explore Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website and drive sales throughout the year. If you’re looking to expand your product line, you can use the Product Sourcing app to easily find new auto parts and accessories to sell.

Office Chair

Products to Buy from China

Global Order Growth (YoY): 304%

Popular countries: United States

The top 10 hits on the list are office chairs. Similar to other popular items in the homeware line, we may see an increase in sales of office chairs due to the recent trend of working at home.

A good office chair can help people work more efficiently. They can reduce chronic back pain and reduce medical costs associated with poor sitting posture due to poor quality chairs.

The way you target your ideal customer depends on who you are targeting. If you’re going to sell office chairs for college students, your marketing may need to target parents. The best ways to target parents are through Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Pinterest.

If your customers are business people or professionals, then you need to reach them directly through Instagram ads, possibly in partnership with Instagram influencers and bloggers. You can also run LinkedIn ads to target companies returning to the office or enforcing work-from-home orders.


Products to Buy from China


Global Order Growth (YoY): 294%

Popular countries: Brazil

Projectors are one of the random hits of the day, a term that pops up every few years and can be hugely lucrative when the trend is hot.

The term “projector” has about 550,000 monthly searches. Different customer groups can be targeted based on projector type and accessories.

To market this product, Google Ads can be used to target people searching for a specific projector, such as a 4k or outdoor projector. You can set up an online store that sells projectors, screens, and other accessories. Make videos to show how to set up the projector in different places (bedroom, outdoors, living room, etc.). Or contact an influencer and ask them to promote your product for you.

Kitchen Cleaning Towels

Products to Buy from China


Global Order Growth (YoY): 282%

Popular countries: United States

Kitchen wipes saw huge growth in early 2021. They are currently hot products. According to the latest report, the global kitchen cleaning wipes market is expected to reach USD 20.9 billion by 2026.

Dropshipping costs for kitchen supplies are generally lower, which means you can charge less than larger retailers. You can target younger audiences who don’t want to overspend on items like kitchen cleaning towels.

You can upsell kitchen towels along with other kitchen items like aprons, placemats, tablecloths, and more.

You can market kitchen wipes online through social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, or you can target older and younger audiences by running-related campaigns.

You can create video content that showcases the benefits of kitchen wipes and showcases other creative uses beyond cleaning spills. You can run recurring sweepstakes to promote new cleaning wipes and bestsellers.

Digital Art

Global order growth rate (YoY): 260%

Popular countries: United States

Digital art has been talked about and created for years, but only really started to catch on during the pandemic. A new round of celebrity endorsements and heated discussions around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) built on blockchain technology will lead to the explosive growth of digital artwork in 2021. According to Statista, the global online art market will be worth $9.32 billion by 2024.

A few ways to build a brand in the digital art space are:

  • Participate in the NFT community
  • Join Metaverse events
  • Collaborate: As you build your brand, you can collaborate on projects with other artists.

Digital artists tend to become collectors themselves. They buy good NFTs and post about them on their blogs and social channels. They also help other artists promote their projects, which can lead to better promotion when you launch new work.

Eyebrow Growth Fluid

Products to Buy from China


Global Order Growth (YoY): 266%

Popular country: UK

On Google, the term “eyebrow enhancer” gets 3,600 searches per month, and the long-tail variant “eyebrow enhancer serum” gets 1,300 searches per month.

When selling popular health and beauty products, consider using platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to promote them. You can partner with influencers in the space to run Instagram ads to promote products and close sales quickly. A more sustainable option is to create your own personal Instagram account and post around makeup, brows, and tutorials.

For example, you can:

  • Live Q&A on Instagram Live about using your product for the first time
  • Retweet User Generated Content
  • Create short Instagram or TikTok videos highlighting product features
  • Create YouTube video tutorials

Neon Sign

Products to Buy from China

Global Order Growth (YoY): 246%

Popular countries: United States

Neon signs are the next current hit. These colorful and playful lighting fixtures are making their way back into consumer video. Today, neon signs are handcrafted and more environmentally friendly, and their modern look is perfect for homes, weddings, offices, restaurants, bars, and special events.

The term “neon signs” has 301,000 monthly searches. There is also no shortage of hashtags related to neon signs on social media. For example, as of this writing, the Instagram hashtag #neon-lights# has attracted more than 2.5 million people in the past seven days, according to brand mentions.

Tablet PC

Products to Buy from China

Global Order Growth (YoY): 254%

Popular countries: Canada

Tablets are one of the best-selling products of 2021. The market is driven by elements such as lightweight, fast startup, and easy website browsing.

The tablet market is expected to be worth $35.9 billion by 2024, and it is becoming a popular computer choice for schools, universities, healthcare, retail, and business industries. “tablet computers” – 135,000 monthly searches for the term.

Selling in the tablet industry has plenty of opportunities to expand product lines. You can sell cases, keyboards, chargers, styluses, and other accessories to boost your average order value.

Water Bottle

Products to Buy from China

Global Order Growth (YoY): 235%

Popular country: UK

As of 2020, the global reusable water bottle market has reached a value of 8.38 billion US dollars, and its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to continue to remain at 4% until 2028.

The growing threat to the environment from non-reusable bottles, as well as the growing trend towards healthy lifestyles, is driving this trend. Your target audience may be more health-conscious and aware of the harmful effects of single-use bottles.

To market this bestseller, you need to show these water bottles in action. For example, you could host a contest for customers to post photos of outdoor water bottles. Or a posed photo of a water bottle in an eco-friendly scene, post it on social media and use it in advertising. Partnering with influencers is also a great way to promote your water bottle and get it in front of new potential buyers.

You can create Custom Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager and target specific groups of people. Or run Google ads for the keywords “reusable water bottle” or “thermos bottle” to target customers who are actively searching for similar products.

These are some popular products that are suitable for sale at the moment, but as a novice drop shipper or an established store owner, finding quality products is only the first step to success when it comes to product selection. The real secret lies in how to market them, which is another technique.

Also, read our China buying safety guidelines to remain safe during your buying journey.


Which are the most profitable categories of products to source from China?

The most profitable categories of products to buy from China comprise consumer products, home accessories, clothing, and electronics.

How do you find suitable suppliers in China?

You can consider multiple well-known platforms from where you can have hands on the best suppliers like Alibaba, and apart from this, you can also visit trade shows or look for some references for suppliers.

Is it risky to import from China?

Risks are a part of business, and some common risks that people have when they import from China consist of issues with the quality, delays in shipping, language barriers, or problems with legal regulations. However, you can exercise due diligence when choosing a supplier to avoid such risks.

What is the method of importing goods from China?

You will first need to find a supplier and then negotiate the terms and place your orders; they will be shipped and, once cleared from customs, will reach you.

How can we be sure that the quality and standards of the product are met?

You can specify the quality requirements you have in the control, and for verification of quality, you can always involve a third party, which is an inspection agency that keeps a check on the quality.

What are the commonly used payment methods used for importing from China?

The standard payment methods for importing goods from China include letters of credit, Alibaba Trade Assurance, or wire transfers.

Should I import products directly from China or through a sourcing agent?

It is suggested to opt for sourcing agents because you will be in a better place by having the right products and quality delivered to you without a hassle. However, they are costly, so you need to assess if they fall under your budget.

What are the shipping options that are commonly available when importing goods from China?

There are multiple methods of shipping when it comes to importing from China, which comprises rail shipping, air shipping, and sea shipping. Each method has a different cost and period for delivery.

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